Since a well blowout can occur in any phase of a well’s life, the location of well operations in the vicinity of populations of people is critical. However, this exposure is often overlooked. Since subsequent evacuation costs are usually significant, determining appropriate insurance limits is also crucial. And sufficient liability coverage is vital in the protection against legal defense expenses and any damages awarded by a ruling.

You need an insurance broker with technical expertise in the oil and gas industry—a partner who is experienced in navigating your complex risks and delivering specific solutions. AssuredPartners has teams of experts dedicated to your industry—keeping you apprised of the latest issues, leveraging resources and working meticulously to reduce your costs and improve your risk management. Loss control specialists provide consulting services, evaluating well integrity and developing safety management training programs to protect your staff. Our claims advocates understand the various owner, contractor and developer roles and responsibilities within the industry, enabling them to process claims and manage issues efficiently and accurately.

We work tirelessly to market your program to leading insurers in oil and gas, identifying the best underwriting approach based on your strengths. We are confident in our ability to negotiate the most competitive rates, terms and limits for some of the most complicated insurance placements.

Whether you operate in gas or oil, call on our team to refine your insurance program.

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