We’ve built relationships with animal agriculture leaders to enhance our hands-on knowledge of the poultry industry’s nuances, such as what works for animal processors and what doesn’t. This experience, coupled with our deep agriculture expertise, allows us to best serve you as a leading broker in this field.

What does this mean to you? We understand your needs and know how devastating an interruption in your process can be. By communicating with both chicken processors and claims adjusters with equal ease, AssuredPartners serves as the bridge between insurance companies and you.

Speed and precision matter in the poultry industry. We facilitate quick action to resolve issues and deliver much-needed insurance products and services to keep your business safe and operational.

If you need an insurance partner who can make a real difference for you, consider our knowledgeable poultry industry experts.

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Several years in the industry has taught us how to resolve issues quickly to avoid or promptly rectify any costly interruptions in poultry processing.