Claims Management

When Claims are Not All the Same

Since not all claims can be prevented, we work to minimize harm while maximizing compensation received under the terms and conditions of a policy. At AssuredPartners, we identify and monitor your claim trends to guide our consultation while working with our loss prevention experts to prevent damaging repetitive events.

Higher costs and a growing inventory of aging claims have required many organizations to increase their workers’ compensation reserves. If your time and money are tied up managing old claims, current losses can accumulate. AssuredPartners can help you implement aggressive claims closure strategies to ensure your resources are being used most effectively.

In addition, we offer a variety of subrogation services to further enhance your claims management to help you recover your return on investment. Our teams of legally trained professionals passionately identify and pursue missed and current subrogation opportunities at your organization. Our immersion in the area of subrogation and a strong negotiating stance take the burden away from your staff so that your employees can focus on the core business of adjusting claims.

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