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Cross it Off: A Checklist to Prevent Structural Failures

Risk management professionals who specialize in construction projects for commercial properties identify a building’s safety as one of their top concerns for any project. This concern can be eased by verifying that the building has a solid foundation and that none of the materials used to construct the building are defective.

Structural failures are accompanied by serious risks that can harm someone’s life or health. Building codes are put into place to ensure the safety of the town’s residents; and a majority of construction defects are located in the walls and foundation of the building, making them challenging to spot and repair.

Listed below are a few important aspects of a checklist utilized by risk managers, project managers, contractors, and underwriters to assess the safety of a building:

  • Building Codes
    • Does the structure comply with the local building code?
    • Does the local building code follow Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) model?
  • Basic Construction
    • Is the structure built with basic frame construction?
    • Do the walls and ceilings of the structure have adequate insulation?
    • Are all sheet metal parts of the structure properly flashed and water tight?
  • Construction Experts
    • Structural engineer
    • Construction consultant
    • Architect

These tips and many more can prevent construction project accidents and help keep workers safe. Contacting an expert when evaluating the state of a building and searching for defects is always a smart decision when inspecting a building.

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Source: PropertyCasualty360

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