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Handling the Dreaded Medical Records Request

Nursing home abuse cases can be some of the most serious and highest awarded lawsuits that lawyers litigate. Some say the average nursing home abuse case value ranges around $750,000, which includes all damages and the law firm fees.

A medical records request typically occurs when a resident and/or resident representative seeks legal counsel with allegations of receiving improper care resulting in serious injury or death while in the care of a healthcare facility.

A number of reasons including development of pressure injuries, fall with fractures, concussions, spinal cord injuries, life-threatening infections and medication errors can prompt a medical records request.

On June 13, 2019, AssuredPartners Senior Living will host an exclusive webinar on handling the dreaded medical records request.  The presentation will focus on purposes of the medical record, pertinent rules and regulations related to the medical records, and medical records request guidelines.  Be informed and prepared for a medical record request by registering for this webinar.

Source: Nursing Home Abuse Center


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