Coronavirus (COVID-19) Analysis Map

Up-to-date infection rates by state and local regions to assist employers with strategic return-to-work policies.

The latest state-by-state details on vaccination progress, availability and protocols.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Analysis Map

The AssuredPartners Data Analytics Team has developed a  COVID-19 Analysis Map and associated reports (below) to help employers better understand the evolving dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic in their local geography.  As employers evaluate workplace protocols and strategies, AssuredPartners will be providing real time resources to help better understand the evolution of testing capacity, viral spread and changes in the prevalence of the virus over time.

The focal point of this reporting is our “Risk Index” Map.  This map evaluates each state and assigns a risk score based on three factors:

  • The change in new reported cases for the most recent 7 day period vs. the prior 7 day period
  • The current per-capita infection rates within the state
  • The current per-capita testing rates within the state

States with a higher risk score are more likely to have higher infection rates, growing rates of spread and/or lower testing rates.  Conversely, states with lower risk scores are more likely to have lower infection rates, decreasing rates of spread and/or higher testing rates.

By having this information available in real-time, we hope to provide employers insight into how their locales are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and how they might wish to proceed strategically within their workplaces and employee policies.

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