Working Remotely Tips & Tricks Video Series

Resources to help create the best possible home office environment.

remote work tips & tricks

Working Remotely

Working from home can be a great experience, but it can also come with challenges.  Our Working Remotely Tips & Tricks video series is designed to address physical, mental and environmental issues that you may encounter as you work from home.  Whether your remote work is temporary during the COVID-19 outbreak or just your normal workplace, these resources can help optimize your at-home work environment to keep you comfortable and productive.

Video series courtesy of AssuredPartners California offices at Keenan & Associates.

Finding the Right Environment

3 minute video

Tips for finding a good location to work within your home.

Work Surface Height

4 minute video

Assessing the optimal height for your home office work space and why it matters.

Time Management for Remote Employees

5 minute video

Tips for staying productive in your new work-at-home environment.

Home Office Electrical Safety

4 minute video

Work station set-up tips to keep you safe.

Monitor Placement

5 minute video

Correct monitor placement can prevent having a sore neck and back while working at home.

Chair Comfort

4 minute video

Setting up your chair correctly can provide help provide support for your spine, thighs and feet.

Keyboard and Mouse Comfort

4 minute video

Placing your keyboard and mouse in the right position can contribute to your work-at-home comfort.

Managing Your Emotions

2 minute video

In these uncertain times, it's normal to feel uneasy. These tips can help you feel more grounded and secure.

Mobile Devices

5 minute video

Find out how to minimize sore fingers, hands and neck from frequent use of mobile devices.