Reputation vs Reptile detail

Reputation vs. Reptile

05/13/2021 Written by: AP Transportation

As we continue to exit the pandemic, which appears to be a very long road, we need to get back to the basics in our industry. One of those basics is seeking relief from nuclear verdicts that have rolled over our professionals much like the pandemic rolled our country. There is a saying amongst insiders and underwriters and that is - it is not a matter of if you get hit with a nuclear verdict, it is a matter of when.

 In older blogs and presentations, we have highlighted the various reasons for the rise in nuclear verdicts. One stance is that juries are awarding ultra-high verdicts not based on causation but based on the idea that everyone deserves to be rich.  The other item that has held a stronghold over our claims, is the plaintiff counsel practice of the reptile theory.  It is a trial strategy that focuses on emotion and again, not on negligence. The emotional attack focuses on turning motor carriers into heartless monsters and not the decades-old family run businesses employing the blue-collar workers who put every product we use on our tables. In the end it is about reputation. Destroy the reputation and be awarded millions.

 This week we learned of a new company seeking to provide reputation defense to motor carriers in the fight against nuclear verdicts. The company is Bluewire, and its mission is not only worthy, but also created to make a positive impact. Though it will be some time before we can ascertain their success, it is finally time to see someone take the fight of our hardworking clients to the courts. Standing still waiting to play defense is not a winning strategy. If you want a solid and positive reputation, you need to act. We all need to strengthen our industry for long term success.

 With an initial focus on the transportation segment, the AssuredPartners futureWork solution is focused on the challenges due to nuclear verdicts. We are ready to fight for you, and protect your reputation, and your business. Contact us for a conversation on we can assist you and your company. To learn more, visit AssuredPartners Transportation

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