Statement Regarding Recent Litigation

Statement Date: February 13, 2023

AssuredPartners, Inc. today announced the following statement regarding recent litigation filed against AssuredPartners of Oregon, LLC.

Sunshine Retirement Living, LLC has elected to file an unnecessary and inaccurate lawsuit against AssuredPartners of Oregon. Throughout lengthy pre-litigation discussions, AssuredPartners made clear that it would return all money to Sunshine Retirement Living that was legitimately owed to it following its decision to move its insurance accounts to Propel Insurance. However, AssuredPartners insisted on proper documentation to ensure an accurate accounting prior to the return of funds. Sunshine Retirement Living has regrettably chosen to litigate this matter rather than work together with AssuredPartners toward a commercially reasonable solution.

As Sunshine Retirement Living is well aware, insurance premiums rise and fall for a number of reasons. In this case, the reasons for premium increases were discussed with Sunshine Retirement Living well in advance of renewal. AssuredPartners is not aware of the reasons for Sunshine Retirement Living’s purported reduction in insurance premiums with its new broker, but intends to pursue that information in discovery now that it has been subjected to unnecessary litigation.