We Have To Report What Information and By When?!?! New Employer Reporting Requirements Under the ACA (Sections 6055 and 6056)


    The ACA imposes a penalty tax on individuals who fail to obtain health insurance, and a penalty tax on employers that do not offer health coverage that meets certain minimum standards. So, how will the IRS enforce these new taxes? New reporting returns that require employers to collect and report certain information about the health coverage they offer, along with how many hours their employees worked and how many months of the year their employees were covered by health insurance will be the enforcement mechanism.

    Never before were employers required to track and compile such information. This webinar will walk through the different pieces of information that must be reported, and will discuss when and how these returns must be furnished (1) to the IRS and (2) to the employer’s employees. This webinar will also explain how an employer may attempt to simplify its reporting obligations, and it will provide an overview of transition rules and reporting requirements unique to “controlled groups.”

    About our Presenter
    Christopher E. Condeluci is principal and sole shareholder of CC Law & Policy PLLC in Washington, DC. Chris’s practice focuses on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) and its impact on stakeholders ranging from employers and “private” health insurance exchanges to agents/brokers and hospitals/health systems. Prior to forming CC Law & Policy, Chris served as Tax and Benefits Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. During his time in Congress, Chris participated in the development of portions of the ACA, including the Exchanges, the insurance market reforms, and all of the new taxes enacted under the law. He is one of the few senior Congressional staffers who actively participated in the health reform debate to join the private sector since the ACA’s enactment, and based on his experience as an employee benefits attorney, he possesses a unique level of expertise on matters relating to tax law, ERISA, and the ACA.


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