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Solutions to address the risks associated with M&A transactions

Our M&A insurance team offers a variety of broker and advisory services customized specifically to address the risks associated with M&A transactions. Our team members collectively work in sync to simplify the insurance-related processes that are necessary components to completing a transaction. Our service areas include:

Due diligence advisory services are key components of every deal when it comes to getting comfortable with your investment. Skill, experience, and expertise are important considerations when selecting diligence providers.

Upon engagement, our team of dedicated insurance consultants provides in depth and detailed analyses of the target’s insurance program, including: total cost of risk modeling, review of retained versus transferred risks, and claims examination. Our team can project insurance pricing going forward and propose recommended strategies to mitigate risk within the first 100 days post-closing. Our team of dedicated health & welfare consultants can assess the current benefit plan offerings, review policies and procedures, and provide insight into industry tailwinds and what to expect on a post-closing basis. We conduct a thorough compliance review to ensure there are no unforeseen penalty costs and assist with establishing a post-closing strategy.

Representations & warranties insurance (“RWI”) is available to both buyers and sellers and provides protection against financial loss for unintentional and unknown breaches of the seller's representations and warranties written in the purchase agreement. Our RWI brokers are some of the best in the business, and we pride ourselves in providing top-tier brokering and advisory RWI services.
Tax Insurance, or “Tax Liability Insurance”, is designed to protect your business against tax risks arising out of a merger, acquisition or other transaction, specifically in the event that the IRS or another tax authority deems that your tax liability is greater than what you've claimed. Tax Insurance indemnifies the insured for taxes, interest, penalties, contest costs and gross-up arising out of specific and known tax issues, such as S-corp status, federal energy (ITC) tax credits, REIT status, and other potential tax liabilities.
Contingent Liability Insurance, also referred to as “Contingent Risk Insurance” or in certain circumstances, “Litigation Buyout Insurance,” is coverage that protects buyers against pending potential liabilities or litigation that a target company may be facing. Contingent Liability Insurance indemnifies the insured for loss arising from certain liabilities such as successor liability, fraudulent transfer/conveyance, existing or pending litigation, etc.

Employee Benefits

Conducting thorough employee benefits analysis enables private equity firms to gain insights into the health plan risk and competitiveness of a potential acquisition target. This can allow operators to make more informed decisions holistically and drive EBITDA growth post-close.

Property and Casualty

Our business insurance due diligence services focus on identifying deal impactful issues relevant to a financial buyer. Beyond a thorough insurance coverage review, our analysis coordinates with other diligence work streams to provide a comprehensive view of the risk, financial and legal components driving valuation and investment considerations.

Our agency has been Private Equity sponsor-owned since its inception. It’s in our DNA. Our boutique M&A practice works with Private Equity firms of varying sizes all across the country and has performed hundreds of private equity procurement projects across portfolios. In addition to our transactional insurance expertise, we also understand the complexities of Private Equity cross-portfolio spend management and bring a clear and proven approach to Private Equity cost optimization.

Our goal is to maximize investor return through cost reduction activities, strategies, and administrative efficiencies, while establishing ourselves as a valued business partner.

Our Private Equity services include:

  • Transactional Insurance Advisor & Broker Services (Rep & Warranty Insurance, Tax Liability, Contingent Liability, etc.)
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Portfolio Company Review and Optimization
  • Portfolio Purchasing Programs

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