Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility



Corporate Responsibility Policy - Applies to AssuredPartners and its subsidiaries regardless of location

The constant aspiration of AssuredPartners is to be a responsible business, meeting the highest standards of service, professionalism and ethics. We consider all aspects and interested parties before deciding on our actions. As with all operations and activities, the Company’s actions should reflect the complete alignment of our culture and business objectives. 

Broadly speaking, the Company’s social responsibility actions fall under two categories: compliance and initiative. Compliance refers to AssuredPartners’ commitment to legality and willingness to practice our business with our customers, business vendors and communities as we would like to be treated, with a commitment to honesty and respect. Initiative is every undertaking of our offices and employees to help the communities we live and work in.

Concerning compliance, AssuredPartners considers several aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Legality. The Company adheres to legal guidelines in terms of procedures, fair dealing and safety. Every partnership or collaboration with external parties or organizations will be open and transparent. Corporate value and financial benefits will result only from legitimate business operations and activities. We will always respect the law, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices. AssuredPartners maintains an "open door" policy and a confidential whistleblower hotline as part of our self-regulatory policies to buttress this commitment.
  • Business Ethics. AssuredPartners will always conduct business with honesty and respect. Our policies and procedures will reflect the highest business ethics towards our clients, our business vendors, our employees, our governmental contacts, our communities and our business owners.
  • Protecting People. AssuredPartners aspires to conduct our business such that all employees and all people with whom we deal will not be put at risk from health and safety hazards resulting from the Company’s actions.
  • Employee Rights and Opportunities. The Company is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing an environment of opportunity to all employees to achieve their highest levels of success and satisfaction.

Initiative encompasses a variety of actions:

  • Volunteering. AssuredPartners encourages our employees to volunteer in all programs aimed at bettering the communities we operate and live in. These programs can be internally or externally organized, and the Company may even lead or sponsor the activity. Our goal is to be seen as a good citizen everywhere we operate.
  • Leading. AssuredPartners encourages our employees not only to participate but to lead where causes seek to improve our communities, such as cleaner environments, safer workplaces and communities, greater resource efficiency, and improving community relations.
  • Lifetime Learning. AssuredPartners believes in passion - passion to serve our customers and passion for each individual to achieve his or her fullest potential. We will always seek to operate more effectively and more efficiently. We will encourage our employees to use and develop their abilities to the fullest to better serve our customers and our communities.