October Construction Blog
What You Need to Know About Professional Liability Insurance in the Construction Industry

In construction, there are a variety of insurance policies that contractors and design professionals need to consider. One of the most important is professional liability insurance, which is designed...

Celebrating Construction Appreciation Week: Honoring the Builders of Our World

Each year, during the third week of September, we celebrate Construction Appreciation Week—a time to honor the hardworking men and women who turn dreams into reality by building the infrastructure...

Best Practices for an Effective Construction Risk Management Program

The construction industry continues to face material price increases, supply chain interruptions and delays, and labor shortages that affect scheduling and profitability and cause job-site delays –...

Surety Bonding 101: Understanding the Basics

Surety bonding is a crucial aspect of many industries, from construction to finance. But what exactly is surety bonding, and why is it so important? This article will explore the basics of surety...

Trust in the Construction Industry GRID
Developing Enduring Trust in the Construction Risk and Surety Industry

Throughout history, all enduring progress in our world began with a vision, was refined by a concept, and was created based on a solid foundation, teamwork, and a plan to grow and prosper. Along the...

When Construction Counts - Addressing Subcontractor Challenges

Construction is a trillion-dollar industry, but construction can’t happen without subcontractors. With specialized skills, such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and roofing, subcontractors...

What is a Controlled Insurance Program (CIP)?

A Controlled Insurance Program (CIP) is commonly known as a “wrap-up” insurance program and can take the form of an OCIP (owner sponsored) or CCIP (contactor sponsored). Traditional OCIP’s & CCIP’s...

Letter of Credit or Surety Bond? Why a Surety Bond May Be the Right Choice for You

Surety bonds offer compelling advantages as a type of security against contract default when compared to guarantees offered by banks. The demand for surety bonds as a financial instrument as opposed...

What Determines the Cost of a Surety Bond?

The price of surety bonds can vary greatly, and many people are unclear of why this is. When determining premium, surety companies are looking to determine the amount of risk there is with an...

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