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Renters insurance is the smart way for students and renters to protect themselves and their valuables.

Protecting yourself and your valuables

A renters insurance policy will protect your personal property and provide liability coverage in the event someone is injured inside of the rental unit. Having coverage that reimburses for living expenses is crucial in the event of your apartment or rented home is destroyed.

Let's ensure you and your belongings are properly protected:

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Is my landlord or management company responsible for coverage?

Your landlord or management company may be responsible for the building you live in, but they are not held accountable for your personal contents inside the rental property or damage you may cause to the property.

A renters insurance policy will protect your valuables and provide liability coverage in the event someone is injured inside of, or you damage, the rental unit. Covered claims include medical expenses in the event your pet bites a visitor, theft, and fire.

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AssuredPartners provides competitive renters insurance solutions in addition to a full spectrum of personal insurance products designed to meet your unique needs.

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