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As a leading broker for some of the top educational institutions across the country, our experience and expertise can help guide your insurance and risk management programs to new levels of excellence.

Why Work with the AssuredPartners Educational Team?

When you choose to partner with us, one of the key differentiators you will immediately notice is that we spend time with our clients, helping them address their exposures and gaps to prevent adverse outcomes. Our process begins with our dedicated team of risk management consultants and carrier partners performing a detailed campus and operational risk assessment designed to help schools proactively identify emerging risks so they can develop measures to prevent possible incidents and losses.

We then regularly analyze a school’s near-misses and claim frequency and severity, review industry trends, pinpoint new concerns and potential threats, and provide solutions before they lead to loss.

If you are looking for a partner whose emphasis on risk management is the cornerstone of their successful relationships with educational institutions nationwide, look no further than the AssuredPartners Education Insurance team.

Who Our Education Insurance Team Works With

The AssuredPartners hands-on and proactive risk management approach is the foundation of our valued relationships with the school clients we insure, including:

  • Private and Public Colleges and Universities
  • Independent K-12 Boarding Schools
  • Private K-12 Day Schools
  • Public Schools K-12
  • Community Colleges
  • Charter Schools
  • Parochial Schools
  • Technical Schools
  • Special Education Schools
  • Global and Experiential Education Providers
  • Outdoor and Adventure Operators

Let's explore insurance and risk management needs for your educational institution.

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