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Thrills and Safety: Customized Solutions for Family Fun Centers

Owning and operating a family entertainment center can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can provide children and families with a place to engage in a wide range of fun activities and spend quality time together. Yet, family entertainment center operations also come with various risks that need to be managed daily. With this in mind, it’s critical to secure adequate commercial insurance benefits.

While it can be a challenge to try to select exactly which business insurance policies your family entertainment center needs, our team at AssuredPartners is here to assist you with making these coverage decisions. We offer benefits from a network of trusted carriers. With our help, you’ll be able to purchase family entertainment center insurance solutions that are both affordable and personalized to your particular operations.

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What is Family Entertainment Center Insurance?

There is always a chance that an unanticipated event—such as a fire, natural disaster, theft or accident lawsuit—could threaten the stability of your family entertainment center. Any of these events could lead to costly recovery expenses, potentially disrupt your center’s operations and inconvenience plenty of people along the way. However, securing appropriate commercial benefits can help minimize these losses—getting your business back on its feet and fully operational as swiftly as possible.

Take note that family entertainment center insurance does not refer to just one commercial policy. Rather, it’s an umbrella term pertaining to several types of business insurance that an average family entertainment center may require. Essentially, it’s up to you to determine an effective combination of coverage options that will support your family entertainment center’s specific needs.

What Does Family Entertainment Center Insurance Cover

Family entertainment center insurance can consist of various commercial policies for your business, such as the following:

If an unanticipated event results in the damage or destruction of physical property—including your family entertainment center and its contents—this form of coverage can help pay for property repairs or replacements.
This type of policy can protect your family entertainment center if it is held responsible for causing damage or bodily injuries to another party, such as a customer.
This form of coverage can help you pay the bills if your family entertainment center must temporarily close after a damaging accident.
Such a policy can offer assistance following the unexpected breakdown of key equipment within your family entertainment center—such as a pinball machine, a go-kart ride or the point-of-sale system.
If your family entertainment center owns any vehicles, this coverage will supply the requisite physical damage, liability and other benefits to help the business afford the costs of potential collisions or other vehicle-related hazards.
This type of policy can provide protection from losses following a business-related crime. Covered events typically include burglary, forgery, fraud, extortion, employee dishonesty and the theft, destruction or damage of money, securities or other property.
If any employees at your family entertainment enter become ill or get injured on the job, they could be eligible for workers’ compensation coverage. This type of insurance can supply them with supplementary income during their recovery.

Besides these coverage options, there are a range of additional business insurance policies available that can help safeguard your family entertainment center against particular risks and liabilities, including:

  • Participant legal liability coverage
  • Employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)
  • Cyber liability coverage
  • Umbrella liability insruance
  • Hired / non-owned auto liability coverage

Family entertainment center owners can often save money by combining their main forms of commercial insurance into a business owners policy (BOP). At a glance, a BOP allows business owners to purchase various insurance benefits—such as property, general liability and business interruption coverage—in one place and at a single price.

A variety of these policies could be mandatory for your family entertainment center, based on local insurance regulations. Be sure to contact your agent for further information on the topic of family entertainment center insurance benefits.

What Will Family Entertainment Center Insurance Cost?

Remember that no policy is the same—all of the business insurance policies that you select for your family entertainment center will amount to different costs. Policy prices will be based on the particular coverage you choose and the risk factors that the insurer assumes by covering your business.

In any case, our agents are dedicated to helping you find cost-effective commercial insurance policies that will offer sufficient protection for your family entertainment center.

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