2025 ACA Employer Mandate Decreases Announced
Employee Benefits02/15/2024

With the issuance of Rev. Proc. 2024-14, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced the updated employer mandate penalties for the 2025 calendar year under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The...

Team crowded around computer in office
Building Bridges, Not Gaps: Tailoring Employee Benefits to Diverse Generations
Employee Benefits02/13/2024

There are currently four generations in today’s workforce, and employers are looking for balance as each generation voices its need for new benefits. With each generation that enters the workforce,...

Child smiling at dentists office
Essential Tips for Your Child's Dental Health
Employee Benefits02/09/2024

Benefits For Your Family Employees often rely on employer-sponsored benefit plans to cover unexpected healthcare costs. Benefits are also helpful for regular dental or vision visits and, if...

Family speaking with doctor
Helping Your Employees Navigate Rising Healthcare Costs
Employee Benefits02/05/2024

For many employers, supporting their employees' navigation of the healthcare system has become a growing area of focus. As employees try to manage rising healthcare costs, they look to their...

Hands typing on laptop and holding cell phone
How Telemedicine Elevates Your Benefits Package
Employee Benefits01/22/2024

For many employers, telemedicine is seen as a valuable resource not only to increase the accessibility of care for their employees but also as an opportunity to reduce healthcare costs. As employees...

Team smiling and discussing a central document
Maintaining Social Wellness in a Hybrid World
Employee Benefits01/17/2024

Remote and hybrid work arrangements have opened doors to industries and roles for a wide majority of the workforce; however, many organizations are weighing the impact these new models have had on...

Colorful fruit on a table with a measuring tape and glass of water
The Role of Pharmacy and Employer Strategies in the Obesity Crisis
Employee Benefits01/12/2024

Obesity rates have surged worldwide, creating a critical global health crisis, affecting all demographics and contributing to a range of chronic diseases. According to Trust for America’s Health, as...

desk with laptop, notebook, and calculator
Educating Your Employees on Financial Wellness: Beyond the Paycheck
Employee Benefits01/10/2024

As employees continue to evaluate their post-pandemic financial outlook, many are looking to their employers for additional support. According to a recent report, as many as 38% of Americans...

Two people talking with one writing on clipboard
Understanding Employee Mental Health and Productivity
Employee Benefits01/04/2024

Employers are increasingly noticing the impact that the overall well-being of their population has on their bottom lines. Whether it be noticed through increased absence rates and turnover, reduced...

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