Understanding Today’s Real Estate Property Insurance Market
Real Estate04/17/2023

There are many challenges in the real estate property market today. How did we get here, and why is it different from previous hard markets? Not only has the frequency and size of weather events...

Finding Your Story: 3 Stories that Make-or-Break Insurance Costs
Real Estate03/02/2023

Introduction: What is your organization’s story to insurance underwriters? Fundamentally, underwriters rely on available facts to quote and issue an insurance policy. Today, facts come from multiple...

Construction Delays and Limiting Policy Language Impact Policyholders’ Recovery
Real Estate05/23/2022

Many property policies contain contractual limitation provisions. These policy provisions are valid and enforceable in most states. The provision limiting the amount of time policyholders have to...

Cybersecurity Controls are Driving Insurance Renewal Terms and Pricing
Real Estate02/15/2022

Cyber insurance pricing has increased significantly in the last several years. Loss frequency and severity is driving the pricing increases with ransomware as the loss leader. Underwriters are...

hurricane season GRID
Preparing for Hurricane Season
Real Estate05/26/2021

The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1st and runs through November 30th.  It is important that business owners ensure everything is being done to protect valuable assets, customers,...

opening pool grid
Guidelines for Opening a Pool for the Summer
Real Estate05/02/2021

With springtime in the air, now is the time to start thinking about opening your pool for the summer season. Most owners and operators consider opening pools when the temperature is consistently...

spring clean grid
Spring Clean-Up
Real Estate03/23/2021

With the melting of snow and ice and with grass becoming visible again it is time to start thinking about spring clean-up. During the winter months there could be unexpected damage to your property,...

preparing properties GRIC
Preparing Properties for Winter
Real Estate11/10/2020

With summer now officially behind us, it is time to start preparing for the fall / winter seasons. Cooler temperatures in certain parts of the country are already dipping to 32 degrees at...

medical payments grid
Medical Payments: Not Based on Fault but Limited in Scope
Real Estate10/28/2020

Medical Payments is what is known as “goodwill” coverage – a promise to pay expenses associated with injury or damage that occurs on the insured’s premises or as a result of the insured’s business...

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