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Our intricate understanding of the the aerospace industry enables us to offer tailored strategies and guidance to clients ranging from aircraft operators to manufacturers and aviation service providers.

Insurance Placement Customized for the Aerospace Industry

With a firm commitment to excellence, our AssuredPartners Aerospace team caters to the unique needs of the aviation and aerospace industry. Our intricate understanding of the industry's facets enables us to offer tailored strategies and guidance to clients ranging from aircraft operators to manufacturers and aviation service providers. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments equips us to deliver unmatched insights and support across these multifaceted fields of expertise.

Aviation insurance is a specialized type of coverage on its own, but agricultural insurance, also known as "aerial application," is a specialty within a specialty. Having a broker that knows the industry well, understands your exposures inside and out, and knows what coverages are needed to adequately protect your operation is a must.

Our access to many insurance markets specializing in agricultural aircraft insurance allows us to deliver the most comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums.

Aviation general liability exposures range from fixed-based operators and product liability exposures to aviation repair and service facilities. It may be necessary to add a variety of coverage endorsements to a standard policy to ensure that you have the coverage required to protect your operation.

With access to many insurance markets specializing in aviation general liability insurance, we can deliver the most comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums.

There's simply no place on earth quite as unique as Alaska. This region of the world demands the highest skill level for aviation operators and the insurance companies that provide coverage for them.

We maintain a leading presence in Alaska and have for many years. Whether your operation involves landing on snow, water, or gravel; whether you're transporting people or cargo, whether you operate a single aircraft or an entire fleet - we'll work with you to develop a comprehensive insurance strategy to protect all of your current and future financial needs.

From physical damage coverage for your hangar to floater (inland marine) coverage for your specialized equipment or mechanics' tools, we can provide the coverage you need for your aviation property exposure, including business auto insurance. Please don't take a chance on leaving it up to your regular property and casualty broker to cover your aviation property needs because standard property and casualty policies typically exclude aviation risks.

We'll market your account to all available aviation insurance companies and provide the most comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums.

We can place workers' compensation coverage for your aviation business, including coverage for mechanics, pilots, and office personnel.

Commercial aircraft insurance covers various exposures, from charter operations to flight schools, which are as varied as the available programs and coverage forms. Partnering with a broker familiar with commercial aircraft insurance is critical to ensuring you have the right coverage for your needs.

With access to many insurance markets specializing in commercial aircraft insurance, we deliver the most comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums.

Corporate aircraft, also called "industrial aid," with professional pilots operating turbine equipment, has long been considered the premier risk by aviation insurance underwriters. Generally, the pilots receive annual training. Because of the nature of the risk, the corporate aircraft insurance market is highly competitive in terms of coverage and premium. We can also handle "fractional" operations and managed aircraft fleets.

Our access to all insurance markets specializing in corporate aircraft insurance means we work on your behalf to obtain the best coverage available at competitive premiums.

Environmental or pollution liability encompasses past or ongoing activities, including manufacturer use, release, or threatened release of a substance that can adversely affect the environment and/or human health. The environmental exposure for aviation operators and service providers is often associated with the storage, transportation, and application of chemicals and fuel.

With access to many insurance markets that provide environmental and pollution liability insurance for the aviation industry, we can deliver the most comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums.

Military and government contractors supporting aviation operations face unique exposures both nationally and internationally. From the bid process to international insurance packages with complex aviation risks to strict regulatory compliance standards, it's essential to have a partner who understands your operation and can tailor risk management solutions that protect your contractors and your business.

Our broad depth of experience gives us a deeper understanding of our clients. We are a collection of niche specialists (mechanics, military commanders, flight instructors, and insurance underwriters) from every corner of aviation insurance and enjoy staying in front of the unique exposures and risks associated with the industry.

Our team is well-versed in the bid process and strict regulatory compliance standards military and government defense contractors face. We help clients navigate the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARS), Defense Base Act (DBA) for workers' compensation, Ground Flight Risk Clause (GFRC), and the Service Contract Act (SCA). This commitment enables us to provide service and experience unmatched in the aviation industry.

Whether your business is involved in field support, firefighting, medivac services, critical training, or prison transportation in the U.S. or abroad, we tailor comprehensive aviation risk management as well as benefit solutions for those with government contracts, including:

  • Non-owned Aircraft
  • Defense Base Act (DBA) Workers Compensation
  • Service Contract Act (SCA) Compliance
  • International Exporters Package
  • Employee Benefits - Domestic and Abroad
  • Aviation General Liability
  • Aviation Manufactured Products
  • Cyber Security Solutions

Helping our clients become competitive, compliant, and profitable is our goal. Together we find the best comprehensive solutions to meet the unique needs of government contractors. It's what we call power through partnership.

Personal non-owned aircraft insurance, also called "renters" insurance, provides coverage for liability (including bodily injury and property damage) associated with the operation of non-owned aircraft and physical damage to the aircraft.

We can access various non-owned aircraft insurance programs, including single-engine, multi-engine, rotor wing, and seaplanes. We can also place coverage for CFIs and corporate non-owned aircraft.

For turbine pilots or those considering transitioning to a turbine-powered aircraft, insurance is an essential part of your flight plan. Our Part 91 specialists know how to approach the aviation insurance market for the best coverage fit for you and your aircraft.

Whether you fly a single-engine turbo-prop or a jet, we understand the complexities of your aircraft and the demands of your required pilot training. Our service includes:

  • A streamlined process for quoting new and renewal business
  • Options that fit your specific needs and circumstances
  • An in-house claims manager to assist and advise with any loss, large or small
  • Working with professionals who have a deep understanding of various aircraft and pilot requirements

Pleasure and business aircraft insurance covers exposures for non-professional and non-commercial aircraft. This includes owner-flown, general aviation aircraft operated for pleasure. It generally also includes incidental business use, but not for hire or compensation. Policy forms and claims service for this type of insurance can vary from one insurance carrier to the next.

With access to the best aviation insurance markets for pleasure and business coverage, you can count on us to find the best coverage available at competitive premiums.

Aviation manufacturers and maintenance repair and overhaul shops (MROs) have unique risks that require the proper protection of a specialized products liability policy.

Our access to various insurance markets provides product liability insurance for the aviation industry.

Our AssuredPartners Aerospace team represents many helicopter operators - from personal use helicopters to aerial survey and flight instruction commercial operators. Our aviation specialists understand the unique challenges helicopter operators face for personal and commercial use.

With access to all insurance markets specializing in insurance for rotor wing operators, we can obtain the best coverage available at competitive premiums.

While not every risk can be removed, most risks can be managed to reduce the likelihood of an accident or to lessen the severity. The result is greater resilience and better bottom-line performance. When you operate safer, you're also a better risk to insurance carriers, and that can lead to better coverage costs.

Our risk consulting services apply specialized knowledge and techniques to proactively identify hazards, improve compliance with aviation regulations, and increase the overall safety of your aviation operation. With services tailored to suit your unique requirements, we can provide the following:

  • Occupational Health & Safety Compliance Assistance
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Development
  • International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) Training & Audit Preparation
  • International Standard for Business Aircraft Handlers (IS-BAH) Training & Audit Preparation
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Development
  • Accident Investigation

We are recognized experts who concentrate on specialty insurance, particularly airshow and hot-air balloon event insurance. We approach insurance differently, tailoring our response to the individual needs of each and every client. Our reputation is one of exemplary service for insuring aviation events.

Unmanned aerial systems are flying today in almost every city in the nation. With state-of-the-art flight controls, private and public enterprises are developing revolutionary and exciting new technologies. The impact that unmanned aircraft will have on our lives over the coming decades will be significant.

Our knowledge and direct carrier access provide the coverage you need for your UAS, UAV, or drone.

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