Construction engineer looking at laptop
The Future of Automation in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry will continue to see automation growth. Manufacturing has struggled to keep pace with the reshoring of products previously manufactured offshore, as well as new demand....

November Manufacturing Blog
The Manufacturing Evolution from Industry 1.0 to industry 5.0

How has manufacturing progressed from the first industrial revolution (Industry 1.0) to where it is today, commonly referred to as Industry 5.0? The industry has come a long way since the late 18th...

AI in Manufacturing Blog
Revolutionizing Manufacturing: How AI is Transforming the Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in its infancy for use in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers who have adopted it as a tool are finding ways to improve their operations, reduce costs, enhance...

Data Analytics and AI in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry continues to evolve and transform rapidly. The transformation and growth have been referred to as Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With this...

Additive Manufacturing

Additive (3D printing) has transformed the manufacturing industry. Its capabilities have reshaped traditional production methods and are set to bring forth even greater benefits. In this article, we...

Manufacturing and Environmental Sustainability

The manufacturing sector plays a significant role in overall environmental impacts. The industry consumes natural resources on a global scale, as well as waste generation and greenhouse gas emotions....

Increased Adoption of Automation and Robotics in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has continued incorporating automation and robotics into its manufacturing processes. Although there are several reasons for this transition, some key driving factors are...

Manufacturing in 2023 and Beyond

Manufacturing continues to be a topic of discussion across the United States and globally, as the industry still struggles with supply chain disruptions and a shortage of skilled labor. Although...

What is the Manufacturing Skills Gap?

The manufacturing skills gap has been a topic for several years and that gap continues to expand. What is the manufacturing skills gap? The skills gap refers to the disconnect between the skills and...

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