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Social Services

You can count on our social services specialists to customize a program that meets your exact needs—and budget

Caring Compassionately: Solutions for Social Services Excellence

We get it – limited resources, donor retention and sustainability demand your attention and impact your mission and bottom line. You can count on our social services specialists to customize a program that meets your exact needs—and budget.

We understand the challenges confronting the social services industry. It’s our mission to help protect your employees and your balance sheet. We focus on reducing your risk and workload and maximizing your insurance savings so you can focus on your cause and community.

What We Can Do For You

We conduct risk assessments and design a tailored insurance program that includes property and casualty, employee benefits, unemployment tax, financial services, human resource outsourcing, and compliance services.

We represent organizations across the social services spectrum, including:

  • Charitable entities and associations
  • Hospitals, clinics, assisted living, rehabilitation centers and other healthcare-related facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Children and youth services
  • Religious organizations

Your tireless support makes better communities. Let us work just as hard for you.

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