Manufacturing Insurance Solutions


Our manufacturing specialists support you with tools and resources that help reduce your exposures and downtime.

Manufacturing Insurance Solutions

With a renewed focus on Manufacturing in America, today's industrial climate is ever evolving with tremendous new opportunities and challenges.

At AssuredPartners, we pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of the Manufacturing Industry. Our consultants and industry specialists are equipped with years of real-world manufacturing experience working on the production floor. Our manufacturing insurance and employee benefits expertise allows us to truly understand the challenges and obstacles that each facility faces.

Property & Casualty Insurance

Created by manufacturers, our unique "Risk Mitigation First" approach was designed to provide innovative, data-driven, and cost-effective risk management solutions. Our primary focus is helping our clients grow their businesses unimpeded as we focus on loss prevention over risk transfer. We are deeply involved in the industry's success as a whole, so we truly understand the global issues that today's manufacturers face.

Workers Compensation

Workplace safety is extremely important to us at AssuredPartners. Using real-time data to drive our safety recommendations, we look to positively impact our manufacturing clients' safety culture through a thorough analysis of potential issues and by including solutions like wearable technology, machine maintenance, and lean process improvements. And our unique labor solutions allow you to manage employment based on production requirements, helping to avoid overstaffing or having to scramble to increase staff when demand increases.

Employee Benefits

Understanding the skilled labor shortage and the importance of attracting and retaining production talent allows us to develop strategies around employee communication, data analytics, and employee health population management. Our program is specifically designed to improve the work experience for the entire staff with a unique management and communication approach to managing both your production staff and your office staff.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss a process-driven approach to helping you grow your business.

Let's explore insurance and risk management solutions for your Manufacturing Business.

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