October Aerospace Blog
Insurance Implications of the Pilot Shortage

The current pilot shortage is wreaking havoc on aircraft owners, including the airlines. Airlines are dipping into the corporate aircraft pilot pool using hiring bonuses and higher wages, and the...

The TRUE Cost of an Accident

You are completing the third leg of what has been a successful business trip, and as the plane touches down, there is a loud “thunk.” The pilot successfully maintains control of the aircraft and...

What Could Go Wrong? The Perils of Underinsuring Your Aircraft

As aircraft values continue to increase, it’s time to consider what you’re insuring your plane for.   Aircraft insurance is unique. While auto insurance is written on an actual cash value basis,...

Flight Department Insurance Budgeting

“But what really takes budgeting from routine to revelation isn’t merely mastering the mundane, but planning for the unexpected…with margin.” – Tim Maurer An annual budget is one of the most common...

The Lay-Up

The Lay-up: No, we aren’t talking basketball. The lay-up credit is a little-known and little-used coverage under a corporate aircraft insurance policy.  It doesn’t often come into play, but in...

Emergency Response Plan

Congratulations! You either currently own a business aircraft or have decided to add one to your business weapons inventory. Along with the competitive advantage owning and operating a business...

Why it’s Imperative to Choose the Right Aviation Insurance Broker

Let’s face it. On a purchase satisfaction scale of 1 - 10, aviation insurance fails to register even a 1 for most buyers. There is simply nothing sexy about buying a stack of papers that promises to...

PUNC – Contracts

PUNC –Your Checklist for Insurance Coverage ‘PUNC’ (Pilots, Use, Named Insured and Contracts) is an acronym capturing the four most important areas of aviation insurance that result in the largest...

PUNC – Named Insured

‘PUNC’ (Pilots, Use, Named Insured and Contracts) is an acronym capturing the four most important areas of aviation insurance that result in the largest percentage of claims denials. This month, we...

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