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Our mission is to ensure that your company’s large group benefits support your corporate goals.

Our mission is to ensure that your company’s large group benefits support your corporate goals. We achieve this by collaborating with clients to develop, implement and monitor tailored strategies and solutions. We believe that leading the way with experience-based recommendations and offering the latest technology is the way to stay ahead.

By exploring solutions including contribution strategies, consumer-driven health care, renewal strategies, wellness initiatives, disease management, plan pricing, plan design, pharmacy management, and more, we align your strategic objectives with our current program analysis to develop integrated customized solutions.

Our Large Group Benefits Solutions

Self-Funded Solutions


To best deliver the strength of our benefits resources to the middle market, AssuredPartners developed our large group bundled solutions designed to deliver core brokerage and consulting services, paired with value-added solutions to support our clients’ benefits programs and their human capital investment. We recognize that the benefits program offered to employees is simply one tactic in a comprehensive human capital strategy – but we want to make sure it is as impactful as it can be.

Large Group Bundled Solutions

AssuredPartners’ Employee Benefits practice designed these specialized services to support the vast needs of the clientele served. These solutions were developed to deliver core brokerage and consulting services paired with value-added solutions to support our clients' benefits programs and their human capital investment.

When working with our benefits teams, clients have access to all our resources to resolve the most challenging human capital risks. We bring our extensive industry expertise and analytics to make sure that the customized benefit solutions we offer reflects our clients’ culture and adds the highest level of value to their employees as well as to the company.

Experience Power through Partnership.

Large Group Bundled Solutions Scope of Services

Consulting & Analytics

  • Population health management analysis
  • Medical and Rx analysis
  • Plan disruption analysis
  • Forecasting and predictive modeling
  • Data warehouse with 20 million member lives
  • Plan design and funding analysis

Employee Advocacy

  • Employee call center
  • Escalated claims resolution
  • Dedicated 800 number and email
  • Liaison between employee and carrier
  • Telephonic support for over 200 languages


  • Communication strategy
  • Branded benefits guide, i-guide, postcard, poster
  • E-mail branded announcements
  • Health & wellness newsletters
  • Wellness program communications
  • Mailing & fulfillment center

Pharmacy & Analytics

  • Custom PBM and clinical programs
  • Pharmacy coalition drug purchasing tool
  • Clinical care management
  • RFP / vendor selection
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Market check analysis

Employee Health Management

  • Health and wellness assessment
  • Health management strategic planning
  • Wellness program implementation, coordination, and evaluation
  • Wellness service provider acquisition
  • Wellness platform


  • ERISA attorneys and compliance team
  • Health care reform guidance
  • Plan documents and SPDs
  • Initial compliance audit
  • Signature ready 5500s and SARs
  • Notification of legislative changes
  • Wellness program compliance


  • Benchmarking
  • Plan design
  • Plan comparison
  • Negotiate renewals

Executive Benefits

  • Executive benefit plans to attract top talent
  • Retirement plans
  • Business succession planning
  • Wealth preservation
  • Life and disability plans
  • Executive long-term care

Benefits Administration

  • Online enrollment platform
  • Eligibility and billing administration
  • Consolidated billing
  • FSA, COBRA, HRA administration
  • Real-time administration panel, employee portal
  • Mobile apps

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