Let's Wrap This Up! Understanding the Basics of Health & Welfare Plan Document Requirements

    Does your company's health and welfare plans each have their own plan document and SPD, or are all of your benefits wrapped together under one plan? Do your benefit plan documents and SPDs include the required language under ERISA and other federal laws, or are you relying on the certificates, polices and benefit summaries provided to you by your carriers and/or TPAs to keep you compliant?

    If you answered "yes" to the latter questions or if you just don't know where your company falls, this webinar will help you break down the document requirements and start your company down a path to compliance.

    Please join Caroline Smith, Esq., VP of Compliance for AssuredPartners, for this one-hour webinar as she provides an overview of ERISA and other federal law requirements as they relate to the plan documents, SPDs and the like, and helps you better understand the risks and penalties associated with noncompliance. This webinar will also include a look at the requirements under the Internal Revenue Code and corresponding regulations related to Cafeteria Plans and what those requirements mean to your company. Our goal is to provide tangible takeaways to help employers assess their company's current risk and learn what to do to get into compliance.



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