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How to Prevent Injuries When Removing Snow from Roofs

Climbing on a roof is always a safety hazard but it is especially dangerous if employees are on a snow and ice covered roof. It is important to understand that your employees may have little experience when it comes to shoveling snow off of roofs.

Try to hire a professional if you can but if you choose to have an employee complete the task, follow these safety tips:

  • Use snow removal methods that do not require workers to get on the roof such as a snow rake, ladder or boom lift.
  • If your building has skylights, make sure workers are aware of the location to prevent them from falling through.
  • Provide fall protection equipment to workers going on the roof.
  • Avoid contact with electrical power lines.
  • Make sure that other employees are not outside when snow removal is taking place. Snow and ice will fall during the removal process; you do not want anyone to get hit.

A lawsuit due to employee injury is never desired, especially if it is preventable. Always have the right equipment, provide employees with necessary training and make sure that you are financially prepared in the event of an accident. Review your business insurance policy with an AssuredPartners NL agent to identify any gaps in coverage or areas to add extra coverage based on your company’s specific needs. To learn more about protecting your business, visit AssuredPartners Property & Casualty.


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