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An Integral Component of Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

It seems that natural disasters such as tornadoes, high winds, torrential downpours, earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires are occurring more frequently and with little to no warning.

It is the duty of every senior healthcare community to have an emergency preparedness program designed to meet the health, safety and security needs of the community, its staff, their resident population and community prior to, during and after such disasters. An integral component of the program is a means to shelter in place for residents, staff, visitors and volunteers who remain in the community during the disaster. Therefore, the program must include contingencies for:

  • Telephone failure
  • Collaboration with local emergency agencies and healthcare coalitions
  • Collaboration with suppliers/providers regarding food, water, medications, medical supplies and equipment, transportation and alternate setting

The success of sheltering in place will only come with careful planning for the unique needs of your community and residents, training of your staff, and the ongoing collaboration with outside resources.  For assistance with developing an emergency preparedness plan that includes sheltering in place, reach out to the AssuredPartners Senior Living experts.

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