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National Preparedness Month: Prepared, Not Scared

Reflecting on last year’s hurricane season, some communities are still struggling to implement an effective plan.  Whether you have a plan in place or need to finish it, it’s a good idea to keep the disaster planning conversation open.   The Disaster Preparedness Guideline focuses on safeguarding human resources, upholding business continuity, and defending physical resources so every community should be able to improve their plan. 

Since it is still Hurricane season and National Preparedness Month, now is a great time to assess and update your existing plans and continue conducting drills.  Using your community’s resources to sporadically test your plans will assist in detecting any gaps and allow time to make corrections. CMS has developed a helpful website that offers guidance to communities on several items such as natural disasters as well as templates and checklists that can be found here.

AssuredPartners Senior Living has specialists who assist communities in planning for emergencies.  For a copy of our emergency evacuation checklist and to learn more, contact a member of our Senior Living team.

Sources: CMS and FEMA

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