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A Spark of Creativity for National Assisted Living Week

As an insurance and risk management partner to hundreds of assisted living communities across the country, we would like to extend a “Thank You” to our assisted living clients for providing care and services to those in need.  In appreciation of all that you and your team members do, we join you in celebrating National Assisted Living Week September 8 – 14. 
The theme for this year, “A Spark of Creativity” aims to encourage residents to tap into their creative side, whether through the arts or beyond. The theme also seeks to inspire staff members to get creative to help improve their residents’ quality of life. Listed below are some ideas to help residents enjoy this week while celebrating the past.

  • Have staff members work with each resident to search for pictures of their families, activities, quotes, goals, anything that they love or feel inspired by and hang them up in their room. Doing this can be used as a great conversation starter for anyone that comes into their apartment.
  • Encourage residents to explore art therapy. There are many benefits that art therapy has to offer such as improving cognitive and sensory-motor functions, fostering self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivating emotional resilience, enhancing social skills, and reducing and resolving conflicts and distress.
  • To help residents living with dementia, reach out to local artists or local art school programs to aid in the creation of a “door disguise” for the exits from memory care wing or unit. Having the exit doors decorated to appear like a feature in a home will give these residents a calming environment. Just make sure the fire marshal signs off before executing.
  • Take a field trip and set up a docent-led tour at local art museum or gallery.
  • Give residents the opportunity to participate in activities that benefit the mind, body and spirit such as walking, chair yoga, and tai chi. These activities have been proven to further encourage creativity through the brain stimulation that stems from the meditation and exercises. 

We appreciate our relationships and wish you continued success.  Enjoy your week!

To learn more about AssuredPartners Senior Living services, contact a member of our Senior Living team.  

Sources: National Center for Assisted Living and the American Art Therapy Association

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