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Our Cincinnati, OH office, American Risk Services, is a risk management firm and administration company focused on providing solutions for the financial services industry, holding insurance licenses in all 50 states. Our team of experts specializes in risk management products and services designed to protect the assets of financial institutions. Our specialization also includes fee income products that are sold through automotive dealers, finance and insurance departments, and bank branches.

Our core product offering includes:

  • Excess Wear & Tear Insurance - Excess Wear & Tear Insurance (EWT) provides coverage for damage that occurs as the natural and inevitable result of normal wear and aging. We are the single largest provider of EWT Protection in the United States and Canada, providing insurance to captive automotive insurance companies as well as independent auto finance companies.
  • GAP Insurance - Our GAP Program is designed to protect buyers/lessees from unexpected expenses due to total losses, as well as protect lenders/lessors from the collections and customer satisfaction problems associated with these charges.
  • Collateral Protection Insurance - Our convenient CPI Program provides Lender protection, dramatically reducing these damage-related losses and charge-offs, as well as repossessions, allowing our customers to continue making their loan payments without getting overwhelmed.

We cultivate lasting relationships with our clients by examining the unique needs of individual institutions, developing a thorough understanding of the requirements of each respective client, and tailoring business solutions to address these specific needs and requirements.