AP Corporate Diversity Council

Meet the council responsible for guiding and overseeing our diversity & inclusion efforts.


Assured Partners Diversity Council logo
Assured Partners Diversity Council logo

AssuredPartners Corporate Diversity Council

Ofa Stead

DEI Council Chair
Chief Human Resources Officer

Kimberly Botic

Senior Vice President
HR & Benefits

Lauren Yurick

Regional President,
Northeast Region

Paul Vredenburg

Chief Operating Officer
& Chief Acquisition Officer

Jamal Lomax

Sales Executive
Las Vegas, NV

Mary Hennessy

Board of Directors

LaShai Payne

Senior Vice President
Pharmacy Services, AP Keenan

Kathryn Ernst

Corporate HR

Talicia Bashford

Agency President
AP Warrensville, IL

Matt Benge

Regional Sales Leader
Central States Region

JoAnn Angeli

Event and Community
Relations Manager - AP Keenan

Lorrie Baldevia

Agency COO
Seattle WA

Michael Coates

Vice President
Employee Benefits TPA, AP Keenan

Stacey Gunn

Assistant Vice President
Integrated TPA Operations, AP Keenan

Shana McCartney

Human Resources Platform Leader
Nevada & Arizona