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The Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) system from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is now a way of life for all motor carriers and professional drivers. CSA Scores are requested and checked, even thought they are ......Read Full Article

Winter weather conditions require a professional driver to be extra aware of working safely around the unit. There are many areas that require your attention and focus to drive and work safely. As a professional driver, you must be healthy and abl......Read Full Article

When you read this, it will be a new year –2020. We will not address “resolutions” as we all know how those plans, more often than not, don’t work out. What we do want to talk about is your commitment to be safe. We know being “safe” is a pretty b......Read Full Article

December 2019

The safety topic this month is safe driving in and around intersections. Intersections are something we take for granted and don’t get the safety awareness attention they need. The most common intersection is the “standard” cross configuration wh......Read Full Article

Winter is just around the corner. Preparing your staff and drivers for winter weather challenges well in advance of its arrival will reduce the stress of this driving season.Winter weather and driving in snow and ice is difficult. It tests the ski......Read Full Article

October 2019

As the season changes to fall, we can expect to see increased activity of animals (mostly deer) crossing the highways. This is often due to “mating season” but can also be due to opening of hunting season, depending on the part of the country. Th......Read Full Article

September 2019

A truck that is mechanically safe and in compliance with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations is a critical part of any safety program and culture. The FMCSA and State enforcement officers are tasked with making sure com......Read Full Article

A primary function of a professional driver is to prevent accidents. Managing the speed of the vehicle to control the safe space around the vehicle is how this is accomplished.A safe attitude as well as being focused and alert to the ever-changi......Read Full Article

As a professional driver, defensive driving is a topic that is common in most safety programs. There are commercial programs available for purchase. Many motor carriers even write their own, both of which are great. A different approach to defen......Read Full Article

The spring rainy season is over which means construction zones will start “popping” up all over the nation. As roads and bridges age, they need repair or replacement, causing workers to re-direct traffic as they do their work. A primary concern ......Read Full Article