About Our Pasadena Office

Our Pasadena, CA, office specializes in business insurance, personal insurance, and risk management. While we serve various businesses, we specialize in insurance for the construction industry.

We have been servicing the needs of various businesses since 1990. Our team, focused on your needs, will continually provide the highest customer service possible. Because we service niche businesses compatible with our specializations, we can focus on one client at a time versus a broad volume approach.

Our Pasadena office believes in a comprehensive team approach to handling your insurance needs. We build a strong relationship with you by utilizing a team of professionals, each with unique skills, to create and consistently service your insurance portfolio. We maintain constant communication, address coverage issues, and provide tailored solutions for your insurance needs.

Risk Management is a critical component of our support system. We will deploy the necessary professionals to analyze and manage safety, evaluate property values, perform loss control, conduct human resources processes and practices evaluations, and provide training in these areas.

A. J. Longo & Associates was acquired by AssuredPartners on 12/1/23.