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Many don't realize they may not have all the auto insurance coverages they need. Our auto insurance specialists help you stay fully informed on your policy and make sure you're properly covered if you have an accident.
Our home insurance specialists make sure you get the coverage you need to protect your home from unpredictable risks and safeguard your financial stability. If you incur a loss, we guide you through the claims process and get your life back to normal quickly.
Accidents can happen any time and often occur when we least expect them to, including when we are relaxing on the water. AssuredPartners can help you find a policy that will give you confidence that your boat, yacht, jet ski or other watercraft is protected.
While natural disasters can’t be prevented, AssuredPartners can protect your home and personal belongings from them with the right insurance coverage. Floods are the most common and expensive natural disaster, yet most homeowners do not have flood coverage. Regardless of your location, flood insurance is obtainable.
The importance of having umbrella insurance can’t be overlooked. It assists in augmenting other policies such as auto, home, or even renters insurance by covering you when those the limits of those policies have been reached.
A recreational vehicle is substantial investment, so you want to make sure it is covered. If an emergency or accident occurs having the proper coverage is vital to making sure you are taken care of should an incident occur.
At AssuredPartners we have the resources and solutions to make sure your valuables such as jewelry, fine art, wine and other assets are properly covered. Let our team find your perfect policy.

About Stacy Starkey

Stacy Starkey has been serving customers and referral partners with insurance solutions since 2015. She found the insurance industry attractive for the opportunity to uniquely help people by protecting what they have built. AssuredPartners pairs the community atmosphere and national resources that help her take care of her clients. She enjoys taking part in the evolution of the Personal Insurance team and continuously finds ways to expand and work together. Stacy plays the organizer, leader, and growth coordinator while using her strengths in networking, marketing, and caring for others to contribute to the success of AssuredPartners Lexington. As a part of the AP family, she hopes to help the team grow, improve, and be the top provider of Personal Insurance in Kentucky.