Solutions for Agriculture, Farming & Food Businesses

Your businesses, farms and poultry operations sustain the world with food.  But who protects your livelihood in an agricultural industry that faces regulatory changes and ever-increasing issues around food safety, climate change and lack of farm labor?

We’ve built relationships with animal agriculture leaders to enhance our hands-on knowledge of the poultry industry’s nuances, such as what works for animal processors and what doesn’t. This experience, coupled with our deep agriculture expertise, allows us to best serve you as a leading broker in this field.

With professionals who understand the unique challenges of agriculture and poultry processing - and more importantly recognize the invaluable nature of your work – AssuredPartners is on your side.  This often-vulnerable industry needs comprehensive protection and attention. AssuredPartners, which represents clients of all sizes and segments within the food ecosystem, delivers that expertise by:

  • Assessing and managing agricultural risks in production, processing and distribution
  • Uncovering non-traditional risks and mitigating potential losses
  • Minimizing costs while ensuring quality

In an industry filled with regulation, consider a consultation with our insurers in the agricultural and poultry industries to learn about sustainable coverage that meets your specific needs.