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About AP Captives

Learn more about AP Captives

Captive & Alternative Risk Solutions for Businesses

Our professionals will guide you through exploring the important considerations to take before jumping into a captive solution. We have the extensive knowledge, proven track record, and unrivaled commitment that distinguishes our ability to help you navigate the complexities of alternative insurance options.

Together we will examine:

What You Want to Accomplish

We assist with defining your financial and risk management objectives and then refining the details with clear options.

Selecting the Right Partners

Captives are member-owned insurance companies operating for the benefit of the members. It involves sharing risk and combining services and costs. Having the right partners is essential to building the best program for individuals as well as the entire membership.

Access to Services

Designing the right solution to meet your specific needs is just the beginning. We excel in claims and loss control services for prevention, mitigation of losses, and management of claims. See our “Services” section to learn more about how we put our expertise to work for you.

Ready to jump in together?

There’s lots to consider when joining a captive. Our team of experts is ready to discuss with you the value that membership in an employee benefits captive can provide. Tell us your needs, and we will use our excellent listening skills to help you clarify what matters most, then with your input, help build your personalized plan.

The Challenge

With traditional insurance, companies struggle with lack of transparency, absence of flexibility in plan design, and rising costs. Two other important pieces missing from traditional insurance programs are reward for good performance and lack of peer support and sharing of risk.

The Options

The problems inherent in traditional insurance leave employers with three options: Give up; keep doing what they’re doing; or embrace change.

The Solution

Our employee benefits captive experts can help clarify your company’s perspective on tolerance for risk, importance of employee wellbeing, effects of culture on costs, education of employees regarding understanding and using the current benefits plan, and leadership’s appetite for change. The answers will help to determine what matters most to your organization and whether a captive is the right fit.

Contact us if you’re ready to clarify what matters most.