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CompleteCare is an innovative product that incentivizes eligible employees to waive medical coverage and enroll in another employer’s group medical plan.

employee healthcare cost savings

Reduce Medical Costs for Employers and Employees

CompleteCare can move risk away from your organization, lower utilization and premium, and keep your budget consistent.

The Challenge:

Organizations are facing tough budget decisions in the upcoming years. Rising pension contributions, increasing healthcare costs, and flattening revenues are forcing employers to take a hard look at their benefit programs. How can you manage the bottom line while improving your employees’ benefit package?

The Solution:

CompleteCare is a financial incentive that encourages eligible employees to enroll in a spouse’s group medical plan for the opportunity to be reimbursed up to 100% of their out-of-pocket expense. Through CompleteCare, the organization realizes immediate premium savings and the potential to reduce on-going premium costs for the entire group. Additionally, the employee is provided up to 100% coverage for their medical expense.

The Ultimate Win-Win:

Employers save money immediately by transferring the medical plan cost to the spouse’s employer. The employee benefits by getting reimbursed for all eligible out-of-pocket  medical expenses without an additional premium. CompleteCare may also reduce the group’s health insurance claims experience and premiums.

Employees Win
  • Reimbursements for eligible out-of-pocket expenses: co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance, etc.
  • Provides financial relief, especially for high utilizers
  • Participation is voluntary
Employers Win
  • Immediate savings that grow with participation
  • Transfers risk, limits liabilities and controls benefits cost
  • Provides opportunity to vacate high cost claims