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Employee Benefits

We offer a variety of solutions to maximize benefits plans, while also focusing on compliance and controlling costs for our clients.

Employee Benefits Plans

Maximizing Your Health Plans and Minimizing Your Costs is Our Top Priority  

In every discipline, we have a team of specialists committed to providing you with the utmost expertise and personal service. Our employee benefits practice maintains unsurpassed carrier relationships and offers you a variety of ways to get the most out your benefits plans – all while focusing on compliance and controlling your costs.

To develop a plan that’s right for you, we’ll start by simply taking the time to get to know you and your company.  We’ll focus on strategically planning around your needs including plan design options, competitive benchmarking and employee contribution strategies.  We’ll review your vendors and help you determine whether competitive bidding is appropriate for you, and we’ll provide you with funding options based on your cash flow objectives and risk tolerance.

We utilize competitive benchmarking to allow you to see how your plan compares to others in the marketplace, which is essential in recruiting and retaining talented employees.  We have an extensive library of surveys and public data that we’ll use to compare key elements of your plan, such as deductibles, copays and employee contributions.  

Employee contributions are an important but often overlooked component of strategic benefits planning.  Once we’ve developed your plan design structure, we’ll help you match your objectives to an appropriate employee contribution strategy.  We’ll also demonstrate how contributions can provide employees with incentives towards better health and influence selection of your plan options.  Then we’ll work with you in developing the final rates and values between family tiers, incorporating all of your plan components into a sound program budget.

The importance of selecting the right vendors cannot be overstated.  Selecting vendors that are equipped to make claim payments in an accurate and timely manner is vital.  We’ll work closely with you to develop bid specifications and evaluation criteria, and we’ll manage the selection process, ultimately pairing you with the right vendor and ensuring a high standard of performance and delivery of services as promised.

We take an advanced planning approach to your renewal plan each year using the data available from our strategic assessment and our claims data warehouse.  Based on our in-depth knowledge of the carrier rating process, we’ll use your claims history to calculate your anticipated renewal adjustment and allow for plenty of time to go to market if necessary.  This proactive process puts us at an advantage with a strong negotiating position to secure fair and competitive rates on your behalf.

As insurance costs continue to rise, more and more employers are beginning to explore self-funding as a means to better manage the cash flow of their health benefits program.  AssuredPartners will monitor your plan over time to ensure that your plan funding remains cost effective.

We’ll examine your claims history and weigh your claims against expected cost models to determine if self-funding or other alternatives may be a viable solution for your company.  We’ll help identify the most appropriate combination of funding alternatives and reinsurance levels based you’re your claims history and risk tolerance level.  We’ll also evaluate the best form of stop loss coverage, proper aggregate attachment points and competitive reinsurance vendors for your program.

Our experienced and dedicated account managers are available for many types of support, including attendance at your open enrollment meetings to explain plan options and answer any questions your employees may have. They’ll also coordinate your open enrollment including web set-up and testing, the timing of deliverables and the development of communications with vendor services.