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Iowa Employer Coalition

Employee Benefits Solutions for Iowa Employers

You care about your employees. And, you understand them. You know they have bills to pay, families to support and futures to plan. So you work hard every day to deliver benefits that help them stay secure. But providing quality health benefits is hard. Rates are unstable. Renewals are stressful. Health and pharmacy costs go up every year. You want to make decisions that impact costs. You want more time, more data and more insight. You want employees to understand their benefits and use them wisely. In short, you want to take control of your health care future. AssuredPartners hears you. That’s why we’ve created the Employer Coalition.

The Employer Coalition is backed by two of the most respected entities in the insurance industry: AssuredPartners, who coordinates the coalition, and Wellmark®Blue Cross® and Blue Shield®, who administers the plans.

AssuredPartners + Wellmark BSBC

AssuredPartners has years of experience with multiple-employer pools. We manage and consult two of the few self-funded MEWA plans in Iowa, and we consult one of the only cooperatives in the state and the largest PEO in the Midwest.

Wellmark is well-known for its stability, ease of member experience and for the depth and breadth of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network.