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insurance for government contractors

Assured Partners Energy
Assured Partners Energy

Experience Mod Factor Reduction

The employer’s experience modification (EMOD) factor was continuing to rise, they were not getting any guidance from their broker and the insurance carrier was mostly absent and u......


DOT Audit Preparation

The employer was having difficulty finding a competent Department of Transportation (DOT) manager to manage the fleet and employees. DOT managers would start and quit on a regular......


Quick Resolution for Unique Well Risk

A large oil and gas company owning wells on a public high school property in the Los Angeles area filed for bankruptcy. During the bankruptcy court proceedings, the judge ruled ......


Market Placement for Threat of Lightning Strike

A commercial Salt Water Disposal (SWD) company in Wyoming had just renewed their property and casualty insurance program with their incumbent broker. Unfortunately, at the 11th ......


Customized Solution for Unique Cyber Exposure

The client had developed a new technology whereby they were going to re-route previously flared gas on the wellsite, to power a group of computer banks to mine for cryptocurrenc......


Claims Advocacy for Removal of Coverage Exclusion

During the various oil and gas downturns, a roustabout client stepped out of the oil patch to provide general construction work to keep employees working and revenue flowing. While......