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Insurance for Government Contractors

Brokerage Solutions for Government Contractors

Our team’s goal is to drive growth and provide competitive and compliant insurance solutions for our clients working under government contracts. We provide business insurance, bonding, and employee benefits to contractors working under The Service Contract Act (SCA), The Davis-Bacon Act (DBA), and other state and local contracts.

Try Our Cost Savings Calculator

Paying fringe benefits in cash?  Paying required fringe benefits to employees as a benefit plan instead may save you money.


Helping our clients become competitive, compliant, and profitable is our goal.



Calculate Your Potential Savings

Try our cost savings calculator to find the potential for tax and payroll savings available to you.

fringe benefits payment method

As a government contractor working under Davis Bacon, Service Contract, or Living Wage Regulations, you have the choice to either pay fringe benefit obligations in cash or through benefits. Our Cost Savings Calculator will provide you with an example of the savings that may be available to your company if you utilize fringe contributions to provide “bona fide” benefits in lieu of paying cash wages.