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Case Study:

Voluntary Benefit Program Cuts Costs, Not Options

AssuredPartners Public Entities

AssuredPartners Public Entities
AssuredPartners Public Entities
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Quick Facts

Industry: School District

Amount of Employees: 1,000 employees

Type of Insurance: Self-funded medical

Valued Client Since: 1992

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Rising healthcare costs have left many public agencies rethinking how they handle employee benefits. One school district pool in Southern California was eager to find a solution to help cut costs without reducing benefits.

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With 1,000 employees in their group, they decided to offer CompleteCare as a voluntary option. CompleteCare is designed to be a win/win solution for the employer, unions and employees. It encourages employees to enroll in an alternative group medical plan with the opportunity to get up to 100% of their out-of-pocket expenses, copays, and deductibles reimbursed.

By transferring medical plan costs to the spouse’s employer, premium savings are immediately realized, and risk is reduced for the employer. It also gives employees another cost-effective benefit option without losing benefits.

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During the first 2 years of the program, 70 participants enrolled. Enrollment started small and grew over time. The first month saw immediate plan savings of $34,588. By month 24, savings rose over 300% compared to the first month. After 24 months, this district saved over $2 million in plan costs.

CompleteCare was a win-win-win for this school district. They were able to move risk and drive immediate savings, avoid implementing disruptive changes to their current benefit plans, and give employees another cost-effective option that saves them money.