Case Study:

COVID Exclusion Free Policy Form

Quick Facts

Community Type: Assisted Living

Number of Locations: 17

Resource: Property & Casualty Insurance

Valued Client Since: 2020


A previous client recently moved their insurance program to a different broker that they knew personally. A few weeks prior to their renewal they had not seen any options for general liability / professional liability (GL/PL) insurance that did not include some type of COVID exclusion. The insured had some COVID issues a few months earlier, but as they stood presently, were COVID-free. The insured was upset there was no option presented without the exclusion.


Upon learning of the former client’s frustration with the COVID exclusion, AssuredPartners reached out to clarify the frustration and letting them know if this was a problem, that we had solutions that did not include COVID exclusions. The insured immediately responded and said that he'd like to have us present the option.


We worked with our carrier and were able to turn around a competitive quote that was less than expiring, with an admitted carrier, and most importantly with no COVID exclusion. The insured was extremely pleased to see us be able to pull together a solution so quickly that not only did not have the exclusion but also saved them money. We were able to bind their GL/PL, Excess and Auto on this renewal all due to presenting the COVID exclusion free policy.