Case Study:

Social Media Crisis Management

Quick Facts

Community Type: Assisted Living & Memory Care

Number of Locations: 26

Resource: Claims Advocacy

Valued Client Since: 2016


A senior living management company, their communities, along with a tenured and trusted employee, came under international scrutiny after a damaging social media post went viral. The employee's personal social media account was cloned and the perpetrator proceeded to post inflammatory messages in her likeness. A public outcry for the termination of the employee's nursing license and employment; along with harassment, threats of protesting and death to staff members inundated the senior living communities and operator. At risk was the safety of residents and staff; accompanied by the tarnishing of the company's reputation.


The AssuredPartners Claims Manager immediately engaged the insurance carrier to trigger Crisis Management Coverage.  The carrier's initial position was to deny coverage as there was no direct resident event.  The Claims Manager successfully demonstrated the threat to the safety of residents securing expense reimbursement for the immediate deployment of a Crisis Management Firm, a forensic computer intelligence expert, and onsite security officers.  AssuredPartners’ defense counsel network provided introductions to each vendor.  The Claims Manager participated in strategic conferences to ensure public messaging would also afford protection for the company against any future litigation.  The Claims Manager continued to partner with the client providing guidance, insight and assistance to effectively manage their investigation and improve the public perception of all parties.


After allegations made against all parties was refuted, the AssuredPartners Claims Manager assisted with the outreach to multiple news media outlets who published the positive outcome to both the senior living industry and the public at large. Having restored the reputation of all parties, the safety of residents and staff was ensured, and any negative financial impact on the operator was precluded.  The successful arguing for crisis management coverage resulted in reimbursement of over 90% of incurred expenses.  The client continues to pursue all legal recourse against the parties involved.