Subrogation Services

From closed claim recoveries to arbitration, you can count on our experienced subrogation specialists to get the job done right.

Subrogation Services

From Claim Recoveries to Overflow to Arbitration

At AssuredPartners, our team of trained professionals identify and pursue missed and current subrogation opportunities at your business. Our involvement in subrogation coupled with our strong negotiating stance relieve your staff of this task so they can focus on the core business of adjusting claims.

Our dedicated subrogation team delivers these services:

  • Closed Claim Recoveries
    We review your closed claims to identify missed subrogation opportunities
  • Outsourcing
    As an appointed subrogation unit, we follow all current opportunities
  • Overflow
    We handle claims on an as-needed basis to allow staff to focus on their current workload
  • Arbitration
    We are legally trained to conduct preparation of contentions, respond to counter-claims, and manage recoveries
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