Navigating Transportation Disruptions: The Need for Alternative Ag Supply Chain Solutions

05/03/2024 Written by: Gina Ekstam

The average person will walk 1,182 miles in an entire year, yet the food on your plate for just one meal most likely traveled 1,500 miles before it got to you. We don't often think about how far our food has to come to be on our dinner plates, but with the recent bridge collapse in Baltimore, Maryland, this has come to the forefront of many discussions due to all waterway vessel traffic being suspended indefinitely at the Port of Baltimore.

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This disaster was tragic, with loss of life and 2,400 dockworkers and International Longshoremen's Association members left with uncertainty about their jobs. The disaster is also blocking one of the country's busiest ports for ag commodities and other products. The Port of Baltimore ranks 17th in terms of cargo throughput in the U.S. and exported 605,000 tons of agricultural products in 2023.

The tragedy in Baltimore is not an isolated incident. Waterways abroad are also experiencing disruptions, with daily transits being reduced and rerouted due to environmental and geopolitical issues. This is a critical time for the global waterway ag supply chain as we enter 2024 with shipments growing at a rate of 5.66 percent. The resilience of this supply chain is being severely tested, underscoring the urgent need for the ag industry to prepare for potential transportation disruptions and invest in alternative supply chain solutions.

For more information on this issue, read the full article from Women in Ag here.

Investing in alternative supply chain solutions is important to ensure that your business is prepared in the event of disruptions. Your AssuredPartners insurance and risk management advisor can provide the guidance you need to protect your business and operations.

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