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Scary Insurance Stories: As Told by a Claims Manager

10/06/2023 Written by: AP Personal Insurance

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night. In fact, it was a regular Tuesday for these folks. If you’re like most, you spend a lot of time thinking, “It couldn’t possibly happen to me.” But the reality is catastrophic events happen all the time and it can certainly happen to you. What can be scarier than zombies, vampires and ghosts? Not being covered when disaster strikes. We interviewed our Claims Manager, Sarah Smith-Maser, who shared some of her scariest, real life client stories with us. Read on if you dare.

The Case of the Missing Turkey

On the west coast, each day leading up to Thanksgiving felt like an oven preheating for the turkey. In this family’s household, perhaps it was doing just that. As the holiday grew closer, the grocery stores flooded with last-minute shoppers, rushing to buy and get home to start preparing a mouthwatering dinner for their families. Checking off every item on the grocery list instilled confidence that this would be a Thanksgiving to remember. And indeed, it would be.

Amid cleaning the house, preparing appetizers and welcoming the family into the home, it was soon realized one special guest had not yet made an appearance. The turkey was missing. Scrambling into a panic, the expected places were frantically checked. The freezer in the garage and in the kitchen showed no signs of the afterlife. Sanity was reassured upon checking the itemized receipt. There lay the evidence: the purchase of one, 16 lb. turkey.

The family car keys are scooped up from the counter, everyone shuffling towards the front door. A shameful walk down the driveway, the family realizes what’s happened. That new car smell is long gone. Opening the trunk reveals the remains of the missing turkey. Unsure what to do next, a call is made to the insurance company. A quick and confused response, more details are gathered to document the case. The car, and perhaps Thanksgiving, were declared totaled. Surely at a loss for words, the family was not at a loss for coverage, thanks to AssuredPartners.

The Wrong Move

The sounds of popping bubble wrap, taping boxes closed and grunts from lifting heavy furniture filled an empty house that day. With nervousness and excitement to move into a new space, the last piece boarded the moving truck. The family began their new journey, traveling over 1,200 miles feeling unsure, but prepared for what they’d unpack along the way. Arriving with the necessary essentials, clothing, phone chargers and themselves, the moving company would soon arrive with the remainder of their belongings. Or so they thought.

A delay in the scheduled delivery caused worry to accumulate throughout the week. The demand for specific items such as packed toys, shoes and video games remained of the most upmost importance. Not to fear, things happen, and life doesn’t always go as planned. A call to clear things up would suffice. Low and behold, their moving company was sold, operating under new ownership. There’s confusion from both parties about the status of their shipment.

Weeks go by and they receive a call, “If you want your belongings you need to pay an additional $5,000, otherwise we’re keeping your stuff.” The family is in disbelief, thinking this must be some kind of joke. Their memories and possessions are being held for ransom? Who would do such a thing? Refusing the additional payment exceeding their contract terms, the shipment never arrives.

Confused and anxious, a number is dialed. The insurance agent answers. In the exchange back and forth with the claims adjuster, it is determined the family is covered for their loss. While their items were never retrieved or even found, they could begin building a fresh start with the help from AssuredPartners.

Scoring on the Away Team

A much needed and well-deserved family vacation finally arrived. Bags were packed, and in less than twenty-four hours, paradise awaited. Some too excited to sleep, some exhausted from all of the preparation, the night went by too quickly and the morning seemed to go by even faster. Boarding the plane to their destination, the next week would be a breeze. The hardest part of their trip would be coming home.

After a week of laughter, memories and relaxation, the family arrived at their residence late at night. Abruptly dropping their bags off, they made their way to bed, putting off unpacking until the morning. Sunday was game day and energy was needed to root for their winning team.

An early riser lets out a scream, shaking the walls of their home. Rushing to the living room, the family sees a devastating sight. The shelves housing prized game balls are bare, the autographed sports memorabilia removed from the walls. A collection gathered over the years vanished within what felt like seconds. Shards of glass near the back door confirmed a break-in took place while away on their trip. They knew exactly what they were coming for.

The neighbors are questioned, authorities alerted. No trace of the bandits to be found. The family calls AssuredPartners, remembering they purchased a valuable articles floater to protect their prized belongings. After submitting a claim, the insurance agent helped provide closure to their loss. The game days continued, and a new sports memorabilia collection began.

RIP Substandard Insurance Policies

So, boys and ghouls, that concludes this year’s scary insurance stories. Our job is to put your worries about insurance to rest. We invite you to get a quote with our stellar agents. No tricks, just treats when you choose AssuredPartners.

Disclaimer: All stories are based on true events from real people. For the privacy of the families, their identities are kept anonymous. The details may be altered or dramatized for the reader’s enjoyment.

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