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Why You Should Purchase Rental Car Insurance

11/28/2018 Written by: Charlene Noring

The holiday season is here and now is the time to check your rental car options. Do not wait until you are at the counter of the rental agency, completely exhausted from all of the last-minute holiday details, to make a clear decision.  
Before you sign the car rental agreement, you will want to understand your options. Even though your car insurance policy likely provides some coverage for a temporary substitute vehicle, some coverages are not available under your personal automobile policy. 
In the event of an accident in the rented vehicle, the rental agreement will hold you responsible for the diminished value of the damaged rental car, as well as the rental fee for the damaged auto while it is being repaired. Some rental agencies may require payments for these two items immediately upon the return of the damaged vehicle which could max out your credit card limit. 
We recommend purchasing the rental car coverage from the rental agency. The purchase of this coverage will avoid accident surcharges on your personal auto policy, the loss of use expense, attorney fees, claim expenses, and diminution of value of the rental car.  In addition, you can enjoy your holidays with less stress! To learn more about protecting your personal assets, visit AssuredPartners Personal Insurance.

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