Travel Tips from an Insurance Broker

05/07/2024 Written by: Personal Insurance Team

Have you ever left the house, arrived at your destination and realized you may have left the oven on? Not having the right insurance in place when disaster strikes can trigger a similar panic. Whether you’re traveling solo or packing up the whole family, there’s a lot to consider before you embark on your journey. If you’ve discovered this blog, you’re likely anticipating your next adventure. Let’s make sure you can relax and enjoy yourself on your trip.



Do I Need to Purchase Rental Car Insurance?

Depending on where you’re traveling to, a rental car may be on your radar or already booked. While every situation is different, in most cases your insurance policy includes car rentals if you have collision and comprehensive coverage. If you need to file a claim through your auto insurance on behalf of a rental purchase, you are still required to pay the deductible and filing a claim can increase your insurance costs for the future.

It’s important to note, this type of coverage typically only applies when traveling within the U.S. territories and depending on your policy, can also include Canada and Puerto Rico. Most auto insurance policies will cover damage or if the car is totaled and is of equal or lesser value to the current car you have insured.

Renting a Car in Another Country

It’s likely your car insurance policy does not cover a rental vehicle if you’re traveling outside of the country, however, worldwide coverage may be available with select auto insurance markets. We recommend contacting an agent near you to discuss which coverage is best for your situation and ensure you’re not underinsured or paying more than necessary.

Am I Covered if My Home Gets Broken Into?

Even with security measures like cameras and reliable neighbors, an empty house is vulnerable to break-ins during your vacation. Fortunately, your homeowners’ insurance should cover damages from a burglary, as well as reimbursement for stolen valuables. It’s wise to maintain an inventory of your possessions, which can expedite the claims process if an incident occurs. You should review your policy and make note of limits on valuable items like jewelry, fur and other collectibles to determine if scheduling additional coverage is right for you.

Incorporating smart lights with timers can create the illusion of someone in the home deterring unwanted visitors from approaching your residence. Mail and packages piling up are a giveaway that you’re away, this can be easily managed by requesting the post office hold your deliveries until you’re back. Appointing a trusted caretaker while away for extended periods of time can also keep things in check or help identify areas that may be outside normal routines, keeping your home secure.

Stolen Items While Traveling

Traveling in areas you’re not familiar with can be nerve-wracking and tempting for thieves to break in and grab something left of value. Most homeowners' insurance policies will cover you if anything is stolen, however you will be responsible for the deductible which may exceed the value of the stolen item. You can confirm with your insurance provider prior, but more than likely, you’ll be covered by homeowners' insurance.

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Should I Consider Life Insurance?

You can never be too careful when planning. If you have a family or spouse, or own assets you are paying off such as a home, life insurance may be something to consider. This policy helps with the financial burden your dependents may face if you were to pass unexpectedly. Term life insurance is a great option to explore, as it’s typically more affordable and can be set for a specific amount of time.

Explore Additional Coverage Options

As you countdown the days until your next vacation, consider additional coverage options that offer more levels of protection. These can include identity theft insurance, kidnap and ransom insurance, among others. Even if mishaps and accidents seem unlikely, it never hurts to prepare the best you can to keep you and your family safe.

Wander Without Worry

As you’re stuffing your suitcase, don’t forget to pack peace of mind. If you still have questions or need to add additional coverage to your policies, contact an agent near you to chat through your options. Our team is committed to finding the best insurance solutions for our clients. We know how invaluable peace of mind can be – especially when enjoying a vacation!

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