AssuredPartners' Risk Management Center: Simplifying Employee Training and Compliance

05/10/2024 Written by: Leanne Ingwersen

One of an employer's challenges is keeping up with employee training requirements.

  • Which employees do I train?
  • How do I track the training we have completed?
  • Do I know if my training material is current and meets OSHA regulatory training guidelines?
  • What resources do I have to provide training to a multi-lingual staff?

Many employers ask themselves these questions. To help, AssuredPartners offers the Risk Management Center (RMC). Within RMC is Training Track, an automated, centralized training program. Clients using Training Track can:

  • Create and distribute custom training through "My Content," where employees can be assigned company policies and procedures. After completion, employees click a box to acknowledge they have reviewed and understood the information.
  • Assign and document training either individually or in group training situations.
  • Create automatic reminders of recurring training.
  • Most training is offered in both Spanish and English.
  • Toolbox Talks are offered in Spanish and English. They can be used for a quick in-person safety huddle and are still recorded in the Training Track as a Safety Meeting.

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Training Track can be used to develop a complete training program, including an effective, efficient New Hire Training Orientation. Training Track offers the flexibility to track progress, store all training records in one location, and can be used to document both online and offline training.

The RMC currently contains about 500 safety videos, online training, and PowerPoint Presentations. Most training options are available in Spanish and English. The Risk Management Library also includes a large selection of quizzes, training shorts with built-in sign-in sheets, PowerPoint safety training, and safety posters. This gives your safety department a very robust selection of training options.

The Risk Management Platform provides access to an expansive library of risk management documents, training materials, and HR and benefits resources, as well as optional applications to manage employee training, work-related incidents, job descriptions, job hazard analyses, certificates of insurance, and safety data sheets.

To help get employers started with the Risk Management Center, AssuredPartners created a full-line tutorial guide for all the tracks and a quick start guide. New training and updated documents are added regularly. Some recent additions include:

  • Wildfire Smoke Safety
  • Proper Harness Use
  • Emergency Response
  • Introduction to OSHA

Using a training solution such as RMC helps to ensure preparedness for training audits by most regulatory agencies, including OSHA, DOT, and insurance carriers. The training is all documented in a central location, and certificates of completion can be downloaded immediately after the training is done. There is also a large library of preformatted reports to help employers track their employees' training status. It's also possible to build a new hire training program to ensure new employees are up to speed on safe work practices.

Training Track is a valuable tool that can assist you in staying compliant with OSHA training. Creating in-person training as an "offline training" course allows employers to document all training into one cloud-based system. Auto scheduling and reminders notify staff when training is due, making compliance and safety training a streamlined process to ease the burden of manual paperwork.

Our team is dedicated to employee training. Stay tuned for updates throughout 2024 as we release exclusive training offerings to complement current offerings in the RMC library.

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